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It’s a moment of great pride for the film makers of Jallikattu who are invited to present about the making of this film and launch the  teaser of JALLIKATTU 5-23rd Jan 2017 at the United nations head quarters at Nairobi Kenya.


The Jallikattu mass gathering at Marina beach in Chennai has no parallels in terms of the gathering and the faceless, leaderless protest it staged. It brought about the harmony and unity of the people and their sense of pride in the nativity. It was a show for solidarity and the true spirit of the people of Tamil nadu.


Over 15 lakhs people , at the world’s second longest beach and one peaceful protest, this goes down in history for a long time and it’s a story to be told. As film makers this was a truly inspiring moment and we decided to film it and have now come up with a feature film .


The first look poster of this film was launched earlier this month in New York at the Wall Street right near the charging bull. It was a fitting center to launch the poster as it was the same place that housed the OCCUPY WALL STREET back in 2011.


Now  the director Santhosh  along with the producer Nirupama and the co producer N Jayapal  are invited for the Youth conference at the United Nations  in Nairobi to present on the making of this film and a teaser of the film will be unveiled to the guest there as a part of the conference. This is the first of its kind for a Tamil film to unveil its teaser at a Youth conference in United Nations , Nairobi, Kenya.


The team will be presenting on what went into this moment and about the various aspects of the student uprising in Marina and the sentiments it echoed across the globe. The producer and director will also share their real time experiences as they went about filming this uprising.


It’s the first attempt at combining real uprising at the Marina and drawing a feature film into it. The challenges and situations faced by the team will be presented to the august gathering during the conference.


The crew of this film comprises AnuragKashyap as the Executive producer, cinematographer S KaBhoopathy, Music director Ramesh Vinayakam, AudiographerUdhaykumar and editorKasiVishwanathan. The film is co-produced by N Jayapal, Guru Saravanan and GanapathyMurugesh.


For further details contact


Santhosh (director +919840398958)

Nirupama (producer +919790468994)


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