CavinKare Makes Living Spaces Healthier and Happier With the Launch of Bacto-V!


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CavinKare Makes Living Spaces Healthier and Happier With the Launch of Bacto-V

Provides 99.9% protection from bacteria and viruses

Chennai, May 2, 2020: Coronavirus (COVID-19) has disrupted human lives in ways both large and small. With a relentless focus on reducing the spread of virus, Mr. CK Ranganathan’sCavinKare today announced the launch of an innovative disinfectant brand Bacto-V. Bacto-V has been cleverly coined as a short form of “Bacteria to Viruses” and stands true to its delivery of killing 99.9% of Bacteria & Viruses.

Commenting on this innovative brand launch, Mr.VenkateshVijayaraghavan, Director & Chief Executive Officer – Personal Care & Alliances, CavinKaresaid, “Making innovations that can protect the safety and health of Indians is one of the highest priorities at CavinKare. Launch of Bacto-V in this CoVid-19 situation makes it all the more meaningful and fits in well with CavinKare’s philosophy of ‘Making Lives Happier’. Under Bacto-V, we are launching 2 products – Gadget Disinfectant for gadgets and Surface Disinfectant for disinfecting multiple surfaces. They have been specially formulated by our team of scientists & are microbiologically tested to be safe & effective. We are proud that Bacto-V gadget disinfectant, our flagship product, is one of the first launches by a major player in India in gadget sanitizing category and has been specially formulated for disinfecting expensive gadgets.”

The importance of Bacto-V Gadget Disinfectant – Gadget surfaces in general can be dirtier than any other surfaces.In today’s smart world, gadgets and more importantly the mobile phones travel with people everywhere, from workstations to bathrooms to kitchens and shops. In addition to phones, the families are constantly in touch with gadgets for a major part of the day that includes laptops, TV remotes, gaming devices, toysand other electronics. This makes gadget surfaces a dangerous source of germs for families. In this context, it makes Bacto-V Gadget Disinfectant one of the most needed solutions to exclusively disinfect gadgets.

The importance of Bacto-V Multi Surface Disinfectant – In addition to personal gadgets,disinfecting touchable surfaces is also the need-of-the-hour than just cleaning. The viruses and other germs can stay for long hours on surfaces like metal, glass, door knobs and even car interiors that can cause infections. Many consumers just use cleaning agents on these surfaces and equate clean bright looking surfaces as being safe. On the contrary, merely cleaning will not help fight viruses and bacteria. We need to use disinfectants to kill them. With its No Wipe formula, Bacto-V Multi Surface Disinfectant protects families by killing upto 99.99% germs on any hard surface instantly.

“All of a sudden, this pandemic has shown usthe importance of cleaning and disinfecting in day-to-day life in order to reduce the spread of illness. We felt that launch of Bacto-V is a logical extension to our already launched sanitizers in our fight against CoVid-19. Our nationwide distribution network & online presence will ensure timely reach of Bacto-V for families across the country. We are very happy that we are able to create socially responsible products that canbolster our efforts in fighting this pandemic” concluded Mr.Venkatesh.

Bacto-V Gadget Disinfectant and Bacto-V Multi Surface Disinfectant will be available to consumers across various channels–Kirana stores, Modern Trade and E-commerce platforms. Bacto-V Multi Surface Disinfectant Spray is available in 180 ML SKU at Rs. 120/- & 250 ML SKU at Rs. 165/- and Bacto-V Gadget Disinfectant is available in 100 ML at Rs. 249/-.

About CavinKare Pvt. Ltd:

CavinKare is a diversified FMCG major with business interest in personal care, professional care, dairy, snacks,foods, beverages & salons. The brand portfolio consists of Shampoos (Chik, Meera, Karthika and Nyle), Hair Wash Powders (Meera&Karthika), Coconut Oil (Meera), Fairness creams (Fairever), Deodorant ; Talc (Spinz), Pickles; Snacks (Ruchi, Chinni’s; Garden), Hair Colours (Indica), Retail Salon Products (Raaga Professional), Beverages (Maa), Dairy (Cavin’s), and Beauty Salons (Green Trends &Limelite). Most of the brands are clear winners in their respective product categories. A dedicated R & D center equipped with latest equipment and technologies constantly supports the divisions in their endeavor. CavinKare has achieved significant milestones and a competitive edge with sound understanding of mass marketing dynamics and has established a firm foothold in the national market. CavinKare’s success is based on it being firmly grounded to its corporate mission ‘we shall achieve growth by continuously offering unique products and services that would give customers utmost satisfaction and thereby be a role model.


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