Pioneer Music Gym (PMG) team Rhapsody’s Music Show for Charity


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The invitees were treated to a great musical evening with a variety of songs played from South Indian languages as well as from Hindi. Each & every song was meticulously chosen & prior to the presentation of the song by the singers accompanied by the orchestra, the compeer gave a brief insight about the song, the singers & the composer adding further flavor by quoting some incidents while that song was recorded! The songs were all handpicked and stood out well & never ever did neither the singers nor the orchestra went out of synchronization!   Indeed an enjoyable evening to the core! For a good cause too!

Annexure I

About Pioneer Music Gym and Team Rhapsody

Pioneer Music Gym (PMG) was founded by Pioneer Suresh, a percussionist himself, he comes with over three decades of light music orchestration experience which includes handling shows of Padma Vibhushan K.J Yesudas and Padma Shri K.S.Chitra. During his long and illustrious career, he observed that there is a need for a platform for amateurs who could sing well to be fine tuned and to exhibit their talent in public. This thought gave birth to the setting up of Pioneer Music Gym (PMG)

PMG’s endeavor is to

  • Train and enhance the singing capability of amateur singers.
  • Provide a platform to perform in public.
  • Increase musical interfaces for the entire light music eco system of amateur singers, orchestra musicians, music technicians, public and society at large benefit from it.

This is achieved through structured weekend singing sessions, Training classes, Lecture demonstrations and Contests culminating into live music concerts for charity. The music gym is also open to non-members for trying out their singing skills before becoming permanent members.

PMG was started in May 2016 with a set of 15 members.

This first batch named PMG Harmony delivered two live orchestra shows within a span of 1 year and donated the net proceeds of the show to Swabodhini – School for special children that imparts special education, speech therapy and vocational training to children with autism and development delay.

PMG Symphony– the second team of 15 members who were enrolled in November 2016 did their live show on July 22nd 2017 and donated the net proceeds of the show to an NGO- Kalai Selvi Karunalaya to support education of under privileged Girl children.

PMG Euphony –the third team of 21 members whose association with PMG commenced in Feb 2017 did their live orchestra show on Nov 4th 2017 at Museum Theatre ,Egmore and the net proceeds was donated to an NGO – Anandam for their Educational Assistance programme.

It would be interesting to note that the PMG family now consists of people from different walks of life – Doctors, lawyers, Chartered accountants, Entrepreneurs, Bankers, IT professionals, Sports personalities, retired professionals and versatile home makers bound by a pure passion to sing and experience the joy of music.


Annexure II

About the concert-“SA RE GA ME”

The three hour show will see 15 PMG Rhapsody singers perform 28 popular Tamil and Hindi film songs .These songs would be a combination of old and new film hits with a fine combination of soft and fast paced numbers, true to the title of the show SA RE GA ME.

The singers will be supported by a very experienced 15 member live orchestra conducted by Pioneer Suresh. The concert will be conducted in the Government Museum Theatre, Egmore and the venue has a seating capacity of 550 people.

Apart from friends and relatives of PMG members, the audience is expected to attract music lovers in Chennai.

The concert will also be promoted in social media networks apart from a few posters in vantage locations in the city.

Annexure- III

Bhumi, one of India’s largest independent volunteer non-profit organisations, provides comprehensive educational support for over 20,000 underprivileged children across India to become better citizens of tomorrow. Bhumi as a platform enable over 15,000 volunteers in more than 12 cities across India contribute for causes like education, environment, animals and community welfare.

Bhumi is the recipient of the ‘Leader in Volunteer Engagement Award’ conferred by iVolunteer

Geographical Presence: Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telengana, Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Delhi NCR and Uttar Pradesh.


Bhumi has two core areas of work – Education and Civic Projects

> Ignite: Transformational Education

Bhumi provides comprehensive educational support for over 20,000 underprivileged children across India to become better citizens of tomorrow. Bhumi bridges the gaps in formal education and opportunities by providing language and STEAM education, life-skills support and scholarships for higher education:

  • through volunteers at orphanages during weekends
  • at low-income (private and government) schools with development support for teachers
  • education at after-school community centres in urban slums

> Catalyse: Transforming Citizenry

Bhumi provides a platform for volunteers to take up causes linked to the Sustainable Development Goals. There are one-off and regular volunteering activities towards animal welfare, road safety, disability, environment, health etc.



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