#WorldMusicDay: Tamil music veteran Ilaiyaraaja reacts to #FanTweets, #OnlyOnTwitter


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#WorldMusicDay: Tamil music veteran Ilaiyaraaja reacts to #FanTweets, #OnlyOnTwitter

Twitter is what’s happening in global music from big events to everyday conversations. Music lovers come to the service to take note of new releases, find their next earworm, talk about the new song that they are hooked to, or connect with their favourite musicians. Artists too take to Twitter to share anecdotes and keep their fans updated – whether they’re announcing a new album,a surprise collaboration, or even hosting a live Q & A to stay connected with their fans. Much like Twitter’s audience, the music conversation on the service is also diverse and dynamic – from Bollywood and Indie, to Tamil or K-pop – different  music genres have a place and community among audiences on the service.

On the occasion of #WorldMusicDay today,iconic Tamil music veteran, Ilaiyaraaja (@ilaiyaraaja) dropped his first ever #FanTweets video on Twitter. Like many other Tamil artists, he enjoys immense popularity and fandom on the service. In the #FanTweets video, Ilaiyaraaja (@ilaiyaraaja) reads and responds to Tweets from some of his ardent fans.

In one such response, the maestro shares the perfect recipe for a memorable song – an amalgamation of the tune and depth of the artist’s vocals. He also congratulates Dhanush (@dhanushkraja) on his power-packed performance at the #RockWithRaaja concert.

Speaking of his experience on Twitter, Ilaiyaraaja (@ilaiyaraaja) said, “Music is a universal language, and it truly knows no geographical bounds. Having been in the industry for more than five decades now, I recently explored this delightful world of Twitter, to stay in touch with my fans &well wishers. It is truly exciting and humbling to see audiences appreciating my art and the work that goes behind putting it together, in real time and from across the globe! With #FanTweets, I was able to get an even closer look into what my fans enjoy and what they expect from me, and I will continue creating soulful melodies so that they can remember me.”

 Join the celebration with the maestro without missing a beat this #WorldMusicDay.


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