“The Film Depicts Fight With Corruption At All Levels”, Says Pankaj Johar


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“My Films Connect Past with Future”, Says TS Nagabharna

“The Film Portrays The Struggle of a Young Village Girl to get Educated” Says Mithun Chandra Chowdhary

“The Film is a Biopic on the Life of Legendary Actor Baghwan Dada” Says Shekar Sartandel

In the ‘Meet with Directors of Indian Panorama’ series at the 47th International Film Festival of India, the Directors expressed their satisfaction over for platform that IFFI 2016 provided for the young film makers. Further they narrated the experiences of making of their films.

Shri Pankaj Johar, Director of the film ‘Cecilia’ said that his film was about Cecilia, how she fought corruption at all levels after her daughter was trafficked and was found dead. He further said that through his film he was trying to help his housekeeper by telling her story to the world.

Shri Mithun Chandra Chowdhary, Director of the film ‘Paywat’ said that his film portrays a day in the life of a girl Maydi, daughter of a labourer. He also said that through his film he tried to showcase the life of his sister.

Shri TS Nagabharna, Director of the film ‘Allama’ said that his film is a biopic of the 12th Century mystic saint ‘Allama Prabhu’. According to the director, many people knew about Allama’s disciple Basawa but not about Allama himself. Further, through his film people will come to know about the life of the saint Allama and his philosophies, he added.

Shri Shekar Sartandel, Director of the film ‘Ekk Albela’ said that his film is a biopic on the life of legendary actor of Bhagwan Dada. He further said that he found it very difficult to find actors who were resembling Bhagwan Dada but in the end, actor Mangesh Desai played the role convincingly.


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