India’s First Subtitling Academy



Subemy: India’s First Subtitling Academy
Launched by Nandini Karky
Nandini Karky is the subtitler of popular and award-winning Tamil movies such as Thangameengal, I, Yennai Arindhaal and Radio Petti. She was certified in subtitling by Subtitling Worldwide, Netherlands. Nandini Karky states that translating and subtitling are two different art forms. Technical skills are crucial to subtitling in addition to language and translation skills. Nandini Karky has launched Subemy, an academy to teach the art and technology of subtitling to those who have the necessary language and translation skills. Nandini intends to conduct many different subtitling courses through Subemy. The first course, scheduled to begin from mid-October, is a ‘Tamil to English Film/TV Subtitling’ course. With her background in Education, Nandini Karky has designed the subtitling curriculum for this course. Bartho Kriek of Subtitling Worldwide, Netherlands and educational consultants in India have evaluated the curriculum. The intention of Subemy is not just education but employment too, says Nandini. The dream of Subemy is to join hands with Indian production houses in taking our art and culture to the world stage as well as bringing the world’s best movies with regional language subtitles to our own. Apart from language transfer for the entertainment industry, Subemy also intends to work on spreading literacy and providing inclusive options for the differently abled. If you happen to be someone with basic knowledge of Tamil and excellent English translation skills and if you desire a career change, learning subtitling will open doors to a unique and well-remunerated career in Tamil Film/TV industry, believes Nandini. If you are interested in joining this course, send your application by 10th of October. Further details about the course are available at
On asking what Subemy meant, Nandini Karky replied with a smile, ‘Subemy’ is a subtitle for ‘The Subtitling Academy’.


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